Kokoro means heart and bento means lunch box in Japanese. Kokoro Sushi Bento is bringing healthy and alternative lunches to the streets of Dublin. We are creating a clean and modern twist to dining with affordable, fresh and healthy eastern inspired dishes. Kokoro is Irish owned and Irish/Japanese managed. We use local suppliers and premium rice. All sushi/food is prepared fresh daily.

Kokoro brings authentic Japanese cuisine to the busy streets of Dublin

  • Our sushi is prepared daily in store and never used the next day
  • Our chefs are highly trained and skilled in Japanese cuisine
  • We strive to promote healthy and alternative eating
  • We use top local fish and vegetable suppliers delivered daily and prepared in store
  • We strive to give our customers choices, to pick and mix "their" sushi box's to suit. Therefore we provide a constant changing and vast variety of sushi

All about sushi

The main ingredients of traditional Japanese sushi, raw fish and rice, are naturally low in fat, high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Most seafood is naturally low in fat, with fats found in seafood predominately being unsaturated and thus containing realtively high levels of Omega-3.

Sushi facts

  • The highest price ever paid for a sushi grade Bluefin Tuna was $173,600 for a 444 pound fish ($391/lb) on January 5th, 2001 at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo
  • Japanese usually eat miso soup not at the beginning of the meal, but at the end—to aid digestion
  • The knives used by sushi chefs are the direct descendants of samurai swords, and the blades must be sharpened and reshaped every day
  • The best sushi chefs prepare octopus by giving the animal a lengthy, full-body massage—while the creature is still moving